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UEF Round Table Meeting in Brussels 8 March 2016

08 - 08 March 2016

Round Table Meeting 8th March 2016

Тhe Round Table Meeting organized for the first time in cooperation with EUSTAFOR, once again gathered together  forest partners and organizations in the European Forestry House.
The topic "Bioenergy and biomass from forestry" provoked the interest of 27 participants who attended the meeting.

Piotr Borkowski, Executive director of EUSTAFOR welcomed the participants and opened the meeting, while Michael Diemer, UEF President, introduced the keynote speakers:

-  Maria Gafo-Gomez-Zamalloa (DG AGRI), who spoke about the "Bioenergy in the framework of the EU Forest Strategy and its Forest MAP".
- Jeremy Wall (DG GrOW) presented in a short and direct way the "Role of biomass from forestry in the future EU energy policy and consequences for wood based industries".

Please, ownload his presentation following this link:

A large exchange of ideas and perspectives between the participants allowed a rich dialogue, stressing the necessity of an European policy on this important issue, using an holistic point of view.

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