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UEF Round Table Meeting in Brussels 20 June 2017

20 - 20 June 2017

”Green Jobs in the Forest Sector: Challenges and Opportunities”

At 12h, the new UEF Round table Meeting started in the European Forestry House in Brussels.

This year, the RTM was organized in cooperation with Forest Europe and in synergy with the workshop in Bratislava at the end of June of the Expert Group on Green jobs, Education and Training systems

Despite the high temperature in Brussels, more than 15 participants attended this new UEF annual Round Table Meeting.


The really up to date topic was focused on: ”Green Jobs in the Forest Sector: Challenges and Opportunities”.

After an introduction from Michael Diemer, UEF President, Mr. Michal Vanco, from the Forest Europe unit in Bratislava, introduced the informal discussion, with an interesting presentation, as our keynote speaker.

You can download his presentation following this link:

Really fruitful exchanges between the participants could then build a common holistic approach about this important topic for the future foresters all over Europe.

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