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Resolution of the XVI UEF Congress

Friday, June 24 , 2005 3273

The members of the UEF Congress agreed upon the following resolution RESOLUTIONUNION OF EUROPEAN FORESTERSXVI CONGRESS, GERMANY 14-19 JUNE, 2005Multifunctional forestry-A multiple benefit for the nations and people of Europe.

Sustainable and multifunctional forestry has a long tradition throughout the countries of Europe. An equitable balance between the various functions of forests, in both the urban and rural areas, has been maintained and managed by professional foresters across the centuries but we now have to take new and decisive action concerning the place of forestry with regard to further development. We are in an ideal position to enhance the many economic, social and environmental benefits, which are the valuable features of multifunctional forests. This is a demanding task for professional foresters and puts us in a key position to promote and implement forest development throughout Europe.
The professional foresters of Europe play an important and active economic, ecological and social role in rural development. The Union of European Foresters (UEF) and our member organisations represent over 80,000 professional foresters who are fully aware of their responsibilities, and we seek active partnership with all stakeholders to ensure ongoing forest and rural development.
Forestry conditions vary both within and between European countries but it is the desire and duty of professional foresters to combine the benefits of multifunctional forests with the production of timber, as a renewable resource.
Multifunctional forestry must continue as part of the rural development but it is necessary to achieve support and funding at both national and European level to achieve a number of tasks, which include:

  • The development and promotion of both existing and new training activities to ensure sound understanding of the economic, ecological and social benefits of forestry by professional foresters;
  • The development of both existing and new networks and forums for the exchange of knowledge between the professional foresters of Europe;
  • The wider promotion of the benefits multifunctional forestry;
  • The securing of economic and political support by the EU and European nations;

Funding and support are essential in ensuring the delivery of the social benefits of multifunctional forestry but it is essential for the UEF to point out that it is also an economic necessity to ensure the continued production of timber. It is of the highest importance that both wood production and other forestry activities can continue as independent, market-orientated activities within a multifunctional forest but also within a legal framework of common European standards.
The UEF is offering its potential as a network for cooperation on these vital matters with the sectors, organisations and stakeholders who are likewise participating in the work for a progressive rural development throughout Europe.16th June, 2005, Freising, Germany.

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