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Busy spring for forest matters in Europe

Friday, May 13 , 2016 5992

At the end of April, the EU Expert Group on Forest Based Industries (FBI) met in Brussels.

As a main topic, the Bionergy post 2020 has been discussed.

UEF and EUSTAFOR had choosen this topic on their Round Table Meeting in the beginning of March and meanwhile a large public consultation by EC is running.


The meeting of the Civil Dialogue Group planned for 12th of May was postponed to June in order to organize a stakeholder conference on Bioenergy that day in Brussels.

The topic Sustainability of Bioenergy seems to be clearly on top of the Brussels agenda at the moment.


But UEF is not only following all the discussions and participating in the mentioned meetings.

UEF is also participating the Forest Europe process. Forest Europe organized an Expert Level Meeting on 11./12. May in Bratislava to discuss the ongoing work programme for the future.


Even if it is somehow problematic to attend different meetings at the same day, it is very positive that forestal topics are still in the political focus on European level. Hopefully there will be a positive outcome of all this activities for Forestry and Foresters in Europe!


Michael Diemer, UEF President

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