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UEF attended last Forest based Industries meeting in Brussels April 2019

Wednesday, May 01 , 2019 997




The European Commission organized in Brussels a meeting of the advisory group on Forest based Industries (F-BI) 11.04.2019.

UEF has a seat in this advisory group and Marten Gustafson, assistant secretary of UEF,  attended the meeting as our representative.


This meeting was especially for F-BI strategy 2050 and was an initiative from our friends in CEPF, EUSTAFOR, CEPI, CEI-Bois, Bioenergy Europe, FTP, EFI and EPF.


Aa a so called sectoral initiative. Before launching the presentation, our partners asked for UEF´s support of the idea.

Further on UEF will be part of the work.


The short vision is: “to be the most competitive, innovative and sustainable provider of net-zero carbon solutions in the World



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