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XI. International Forestry Workcamp

Sunday, April 15 , 2007 4055

First Forestry Workcamp for forest students under the participation of UEF The XI. International Forestry Worcamp will be held from the 7th of July to the 5th of August in the forest district of Kastellaun in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany). It is the first time that the Workcamp is organized by Landesforsten Rhineland-Palatinate in cooperation with UEF and SDW. The International Forest Workcamp has been established 10 years ago.
It is held annually in summer and is bringing together forest students from all over the world. Up to now students from 25 different nations took part in this project.
The intention of the workcamp is to get to know together with young forestry people from many different countries the forest and the forestry conditions in Rhineland-Palatinate and Germany, to work practically in the forestry, to exchange information and experiences and to get to know the region and people with the same interests. The programme includes excursions and events to get to know the stands of Rhineland-Palatinate, general forestry in Germany, methods and aims of woodland management illustrated by chosen examples, natural forestry methods and new cultivation models, geology, natural conservation in Germany, environmental education and public relations work. Practical Forestry work will include cultivation, managing the regeneration of nature sites, care of young trees, pruning and thinning of trees, development of reserves, marking out what forest land needs to be thinned, construction of recreational facilities, planning and work in nature reserves in the local forest districts.
For the duration of the work camp, each participant will receive a total of up to € 350 pocket money. In addition it is possible to apply for financial assistance at the workcamp-partner UEF.
UEF supports at least two participants by a travel expenses subsidy. Requests for a travel expenses subsidy are to be submitted to the UEF Presidency over the member organizations.Interested students can get more detailed and pictured informations about the Workcamp and the location, as well as the registration forms under and

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