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A new European Union survey about Long-vision for rural areas

Tuesday, October 20 , 2020 1184

The EU Commission decided to organize a public consultation on the Long-term vision for rural areas.

To achieve such a vision, it is necessary to assess what life is like in the rural areas of Europe and map out what is key for their prosperity. 


This public consultation will contribute to this process by gathering the perception and views of Europeans on a range of issues including:

  1. The needs of rural areas today
  2. What makes rural areas attractive
  3. Opportunities for the future of rural areas
  4. Governance in rural areas


UEF already answered this survey.

The direct link to the European network for Rural develop  website about this topic is :,map%20out%20what%20is%20key%20for%20their%20prosperity.


If you are interested in the future of EU rural areas and their inhabitants, please participate and share your opinion by 30 November 2020. The questionnaires are available in some or all official EU languages and you can submit your responses in any official EU language.


Please find the direct link to the survey:

And feel free to aswer it too as a stakeholder from the forest sector. Thank you!


The UEF Presidency.

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