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XIV. International Forestry Workcamp

Tuesday, November 16 , 2010 3225

This summer, UEF sponsored as usually this event in Germany. Since 2006 the International Workcamp is held with the support of UEF.In July this year it was held once against and 14 students from 8 nations took the opportunity to spent 4 weeks in the german forests to get more knowledge of forestry by practical work, excursions and also international student networking.
The participants came from Portugal, Spain, Estonia, Serbia, Ireland, Romania, South Corea and Poland.
Counted from the very beginning participants from 34 nations took part in the yearly held forestry workcamp. Especially in difficult times of personal reduction in the forest sector, the project gives a clear sign, that we feel responsible for the youth in forestry and that we are standing for a sustainable personal renewing. Therefore UEF will go on with that project in the coming years.

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