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The Best Forester contest

Saturday, November 27 , 2010 3195

Consilva organized this event in Romania "The Best Forester" - an International Professional Contest in Romania.
Every year, at the beginning of October, Consilva organizes the International Professional Contest "The Best Forester".
This year, at this professional competition participated the best forester of each 41 counties of Romania and the best foresters from Moldova Republic.
The competition probes were: - identification of the forest species considering the leaves, bark, seeds, cons etc., - determination of the log volume, - evaluation of the hunting trophy and - shooting at fixed target.
The winners received the golden, the silver and the bronze medals and the prizes were in money and motor saws.
For the next edition, in October 2011 Consilva invites you to participate.
Marian Stoicescu, President of Consilva

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