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Final YPEF European Stage Contest

Thursday, March 03 , 2011 3491

What about The International Contest ”Young People in European Forests” YPEF Dear Friends of Forests, please find here some current information:
- The International Contest ”Young People in European Forests” YPEF 2010/2011 was officially announced on February 22 during the meeting of the YPEF International Contest Commission in Vienna.
- Many other things happened during the meeting in which representatives of 12 countries took part.
- The final version of the Rules of the Contest was accepted there. No deep changes, but now this is the actual version. See on
- The YPEF International Contest Commission was enlarged there. New members are: Ms. Naja Benedičič from Slovenia, Mr. Marios Christodoulou from Cyprus, Ms. Juta Jago from Estonia, Mr. Stanislav Janský from Czech Republic, Mr. Mindaugas Maksvytis from Lithuania, Mr. Robert George Pache from Romania, Ms. Inga Pētersone from Latvia and Mr. Sergiy Sheremeta from Ukraine.
- It has been decided there that the final YPEF European Stage Contest is going to take place in Białowieza, Poland, during the meeting of European ministers responsible for forests in the last week of September 2011. Białowieza is located by the oldest National Park in Poland, an unique example of Europe's primary natural forests.
- The YPEF participants had a good time in Vienna and in Oggau am Neusiedlersee thanks to Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, Union of Austrian Foresters and especially to Thomas Baschny. Thank you, Thomas!
- As for now, the YPEF contest is being organized in 12 countries: Austria, Estonia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Latvia and Ukraine. Other countries are still welcome!Best regards Andrzej Kawalec, Maciej Białecki

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