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meeting of the Advisory Group on Forestry and Cork

Monday, July 09 , 2012 3488

Our Vice president Michael Diemer attended this meeting in Brussels
The UEF Vice-president Michael Diemer took part in the regular meeting of the Advisory Group on Forestry and Cork in Brussels on 3rd July 2012.The main topics included in the agenda were related to the overall activities of the Advisory Group and the lack of adequate approach and participation in the recent discussions related to some of the main issues for the European Forestry.
The group agreed that LULUCF will be a separate system for the forestry, which will not be integrated into the emission trade system (ETS) or the effort sharing decision (ESD), but will cause the need for special national action plans.
Additionally the Legally Binding Agreement and its role was discussed as well as the development of a new guidance Natura 2000 and forestry. A scoping document on the new guidance is expected to be published till the end of the week as the comments on it should be presented not later than 15th of September 2012.

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